Monday, November 24, 2008

Very sick Caden

Well, we are in the hospital - in the pediatric unit. Caden and I went to the doctor's office this morning because he was sooo lethargic yesterday and he has had a runny nose and cough since Thursday. The doctor gave him two breathing treatments (that was a lot of fun to give a seven month old) - it was like putting him in a headlock for 10 minutes. The breathing treatments did not have the effect that the doctor wanted them to on his oxygen level, so he advised admitting him. Once we got there, they did chest x-rays, took blood, and put an IV in. He has been poked and proded, but has been a trooper. We have finally determined that he has RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) - which affects children under 2. On top of that, he has bronchialitis (another virus that constricts his lungs). He is on 2 different antibiotics, oxygen, and a steriod...We will keep you updated. Right now he is in his hospital crib, which looks more like a prison, watching his baby einstein video. So, we may be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital...keep us in your prayers...

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