Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 3 of Confinement

Just a brief update that Caden is really no better or no worse...he does not have a temperature, but is still on oxygen, steroids, and breathing treatments. The doctor is going to take him off of the steroids tomorrow, because he said that although it is helping him breathe, it is probably slowing down the process of him getting over this virus.

We had a rough night last night as his oxygen levels were down, so they kept coming in to wake us both up! Thankfully though, Daddy and Grammy came this morning and I went home to take a nap!

We also located a rocking chair that has been an absolute godsend along with the baby einstein videos.

That's all for now and special thanks to our friends that have sent flowers, bears, and balloons, they help decorate our room since we are confined (we are still on contact isolation). And another special thanks to Cindy who brought my TCBY today and came by to visit since she will not be around any young children.

Will give another update tomorrow, but pray for us that we have a better night!

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