Monday, November 19, 2012

October with a busy baby and a new house!

Big girl started eating cereal this month!  She wasn't too sure of it at first...she would put her thumb back in her mouth after each bite.  It was hard to keep her thumb out of there to get the cereal in...and yes, she is a thumb sucker (well, fingers will do as well).

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And her hair keeps's a quick picture of her bed head in the morning... she kind of looks like Cindy Lou Who.
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Ensley also discovered her feet this month...and they taste just as good as her fingers and thumb.
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Silly brother with silly putty on his nose...
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Ensley can stand! (In her jumperoo)
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BIG NEWS! We bought a new house! We finally sold our house after it being on the market for two years. We had outgrown our house and needed a bigger yard for Caden and the dogs. We looked at over 17 houses and finally found one we loved. More space and a much bigger yard! Moving a family of four plus two dogs is a lot of work! Luckily Nana came up and helped with the kids while we packed up our house at night. Then, the changing of the guard, Nana left, and Grammie came to help with the move. Whoa, what a process...we all survived but just barely. Thankful for grandparents! Scott had a broken ankle during the move (I jokingly called it an injury of convenience) Caden said his ankle was broken, too. He told us he fell off the monkey bars (which his cousin Wade broke his elbow falling off the monkey bars). Here's a picture of him making a boot just like daddy's.
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Yay, mommy finallly got in a picture thanks to Nana (Although Ensley looks terrified...wonder what Nana was saying to her :)
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Ensley and Nana went on lots of walks while she was here...she doesn't look too happy about this one.
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Hard to believe that a year ago this month, we found out we were having another baby!  And now that baby is 4 months old!

At Ensley's 4 month old check up, she weighed 14 lbs 14 oz.  She has gained exactly 6 lbs since birth!  I think some of her weight has to be hair!  It just keeps multiplying!

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Caden started soccer for the second year.  He has played goalie twice and has blocked two goals!  Of course, my camera is not in my hand when he has done this...but I swear he did!

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We took a quick trip over to Wakulla Springs...we thought Caden would like the boat ride. This was actually his first time on a boat! Hard to believe but Scott has lived here most of his life and I have been here for 15 years and this was the first time we had been. Caden loved looking at the alligators all around the boat.
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Ensley, I apologize, I promise you and mommy were there, too. I need to start giving the camera to Daddy so he can take pictures of us!

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From 2012_09_02
Travel for me was significantly less, I only had to shoot over to Fort Lauderdale for one night...and yes, daddy and both kids survived! Scott even sounded very calm and happy in the morning when he was getting everyone ready by himself :).

Relatively calm September...