Monday, March 12, 2012

Caden's big boy room

After about a month of searching for all the perfect baseball/sports accessories for Caden's room, his room is finally done!

From 2012_03_11

He kept telling me that he wanted bunk beds, so I convinced him that his trundle bed is way cooler than bunk beds and one day, his friends can come sleep over with him.

From 2012_03_11

All of his toys (well most anyways) neatly organized in his room! And yes, he has a tv in his room. Daddy came home one day and said it was a "good deal". No cable, just a dvd player. It does save us from watching Diego, Dora, Kung Fu Panda, etc., so it is kind of nice, although we limit its use and luckily he can't reach it to turn it on without us there :).

From 2012_03_11

Great vintage baseball signs that I found at Hobby Lobby!

From 2012_03_11

Caden loves his room and playing in it. He tells me all the time that his "new bed is so awesome" and he "woves (loves) his new lamp".

One night while mommy was in the living room, these pictures came up on daddy's facebook...

From droid pictures

From droid pictures

How cute are my boys having fun in Caden's big boy room!

Now, just to get Ensley's room started...ahhhh. You are so prepared for the first one and leave it to the last minute with the second. Her bedding has been ordered, so hopefully her room will be underway soon!

Ensley and Caden

So, yes Caden's little sister finally has a name. Her name is going to be Ensley Anne Harrell. Ensley is a family name from my side - my great grandmother's maiden name. I have always loved it and couldn't wait to have a little girl so that her name could be Ensley. And Scott decided on her middle name. He sent me an email that he was declaring his daughter's name as Ensley Anne Harrell after much thought, deliberation, and prayer. :) Don't worry, the email will be printed for her baby book.

Since, this is the first girl on the Harrell side, we had a 3D, 4D ultrasound to verify that she was in deed a girl...maybe that's the CPA in me that wanted verification before I started ordering pink stuff :).

So, here she is!

From Ensley 3D 4D

This one confuses me a little, but they said it was her legs, and an arm and that she was definitely a girl.

From Ensley 3D 4D

Here is side by side Caden (on the left) and Ensley (on the right).

From Collages

Hard to completely compare since they were done by two different places, but I definitely think that they favor each other. I'm excited to see what our little girl is going to look like!

And here is a pic of the belly at 30 weeks. I definitely have not been taking as many pictures of myself this pregnancy, but here is one...

From 2012_03_10

Each pregnancy has been very different with cravings, swelling, exhaustion, etc. I definitely know why the second one is harder on your body, because you are chasing after the first one! Caden is so cute and tells everyone that mommy has a baby in her belly. He kisses her and put his ear to my belly and says he hears her. Sometimes he gets impatient and wants to see her now, but I told him that she needs to grow bigger before she comes out.

Monster Trucks

So, the story begins...Daddy decides that monster trucks is going to be a boys night with his friend and his son. Mommy had her feelings a little hurt because I love to see how excited Caden gets when we take him to these things. Mommy got over it and made it a movie night with a friend. However, mommy was still a little nervous and packed a bag for daddy to go including an extra set of clothing in case of a potty accident, ear plugs, kleenexes, snacks, and the camera.

Well, I was in the movie for maybe 45 minutes and the text came through that they had to leave...apparently Caden got scared when the monster trucks started racing and daddy could not settle him down. I got home and Caden told me that the monster trucks were too "woud" (we're working on the "l" sound, so loud is woud right now). He told me "mommy, I so scared."'

Then, I asked the question, did the camera actually get used? Well, yes it did, but this is what I got...

From Collages

Yes, there were pictures...but only of monster trucks and not actual people. Oh well, at least the camera got used!

I did get a few cell phone pictures that had them in it, though...

From droid pictures

A few from the day before...the monster trucks were at different locations around town, so daddy picked up Caden a little early from school and took him to see them. First picture not so bad...

From droid pictures

2nd picture...terrified.

From droid pictures

Moral of the story...daddy will probably invite mommy along next time :).

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brief post about how excited Caden was to get candy and make his valentine's cookies for his friends at school. This was really the first Valentine's day at his school, since he was just out of the hospital last year. And, I couldn't resist putting him in this cute pink shirt!

From 2012_02_13

When I picked him up from school, I guess he had so much fun there eating candy and exchanging valentines that he didn't want to go home. The only way to get him home was to tell him that he had more presents waiting at home. What can I say, the boy loves presents. Checking out all of his loot from the mommy and daddy.

From 2012_02_14

Say cheese!

From 2012_02_15