Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 2 update

I type this as Caden finally fell asleep and we are in complete darkness...I just wanted to give everyone an update. He has not made any significant improvement, but has not gotten any worse. He is still on steroids, antibiotics, and constant oxygen. They have stopped the breathing treatments because we didn't see any drastic improvement in his breathing after those. He has not had a fever today thankfully, but has been especially cranky...we think the steroids might be getting him all hyped up!

Scott and his mom, Debbie have been here with us. They are going to come in the morning and I am going to go home and get some rest, because of course I am sick as well, so Caden and I are miserable together.

I will try to post an update tomorrow...Thanks to everyone for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers!

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