Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 5 of our hospital stay

Caden is in a much better mood today. They removed his IV this morning because it was infiltrated (which means that the fluid was no longer going in his vein but being absorbed by other his arm was really swollen). He is drinking formula pretty well, so they kept it out. He is still taking steroids and antibiotics. They have greatly reduced his oxygen to .1 liters (we were at 2 1/2 liters at one point) and his oxygen levels are remaining pretty good.

We pray that we might be released tomorrow, but I am not getting my hopes up and am realistically thinking that Sunday will be the day.

He was so happy today kicking and laughing at his baby einstein videos and crazy daddy. I took a few short videos that I will have to upload when we get home.

My cold has gotten worse so thank goodness for daddy and grammy that come to save mommy in the mornings so she can go home and rest!

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