Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ensley's first month and a half...

Ensley Anne is now almost 7 weeks old. There are so many pictures and things to catch up on!

Grammie stayed with us until Ensley was 1 week old. Then, we were alone until Nana got there the following Saturday. They were both such big helps!

During Ensley's first few weeks of life, she was a pretty good baby. She only really cried when she was hungry or when she had gas. Not that she is a bad baby now :), but she loves to be held, swaddled, and in constant motion...She loves to be in the baby bjorn most of the time or swaddled in her swing. She hates red lights!

Her big brother is still in love with her. He loves talking to her and kissing her. His voice goes up about an octave when he talks to her and it always starts with "um, hi, um hello". Not sure why, but that's how all of his conversations with her start. He likes to put her paci in, although we are still working on being gentle with it and even tried to pick her up once when she was crying (mommy ran down the hallway yelling Noooooooooooo and we all survived that one).
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After our first sponge bath at home...3 days old. She screamed most of the time.
From 2012_05_16
Eyes open - 11 days old...
From 2012_05_24
Great Grandmother, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Marilyn came to visit - 12 days old, right after she was done with her newborn photo shoot.
From 2012_05_25
Very comfy laying on my daddy at 2 weeks old!
From 2012_05_27
Nana came just in time to help with her first real bath...and look how her hair curls up!
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Aunt Jen, Kaley, and Drew came to visit while Nana was here...Here are the Johnson grandkids (minus Griffith - we'll see him in a few weeks, so I will get a picture with all 5). Drew was not very excited that he was holding Ensley...but I assured him he would not break her :).
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Kaley and Ensley
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Nana and her granddaughters
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Aunt Carly and Jack came to visit, but we didn't get any pictures of that time !

Sweet face...
From 2012_06_08
We called Caden "crazy haired Caden", but Ensley is giving him a run for his money. Scott and I produce large children with lots of hair!
From 2012_06_14
Mommy is definitely having fun playing dress up with a little girl! Loving all of her hair bows and flowers!
From 2012_06_15
From 2012_06_25
One night after her bath, I put her little hat on. Well, big brother said he needed his hat on, too. I had to take a picture!
From 2012_06_26
Then this morning, he said, he wanted to take a rest with "his baby".
From 2012_06_29
He calls her "his baby". He yells to me "Mommy, my baby is crying, get her some food". And makes sure to tell everyone we see that "babies can't talk yet and that's why she cries". And then he says "he woves to kiss his baby's tiny feet". And yes, I hope that they will read this someday and get embarrassed (just a little).

You may have noticed that Ensley has a birthmark right under her left eye. It's a hemangioma that popped out about 1 week after she was born. I have done a lot of research on them and we have opted to treat it early on. Unfortunately, there is not a doctor near us that treats them! So, Ensley was referred to a plastic surgeon in Charleston, Sc. Luckily, Uncle Ryan and Aunt AJ live there. So, Ensley and Mommy made her first road trip when she was 5 weeks old. We stopped often, but we eventually made it. Ensley had her first appointment and received her first pulsed dye laser treatment. After the treatment, you will notice a little scab on top of it. It fell off and now we are set to go back every 4 weeks for the next 3 or 4 months to receive a treatment. We are hoping that is responds positively to the treatment and does not grow anymore. The Dr. said that by the time she is 2, we should never even know it was there! Wish us luck!

We got in a quick pic with Uncle Ryan before we left...
From 2012_06_19
Other little facts...Her first night in South Carolina, she slept 5 1/2 hours! Her longest streak yet! Now, at almost 7 weeks, she slept 7 hours last night! Woohoo! Sorry, for all of the exclamation points, but that's exciting to a tired mommy. At about 6 weeks old, she started to find her voice and coos and smiles when you talk to her sweetly :). And her stats at her one month check up were: weight: 10 lbs 8oz. (80% percentile), height 23 inches (97% percentile).

Random pictures...
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