Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hospital Day 2

We are still in the hospital...We are on contact isolation, which means anyone that comes to visit us needs to wear a mask, gloves, and a gown. RSV is highly contagious. For adults, it is just like a common cold, but for children under 2, it is pretty bad since there is swelling in their bronchials and their bronchials are really small (that is how our pediatrician, Dr. Martin, explained it to us). So anyone that will not be around kids under 2 can come visit us and just wear a gown and they should be fine, but we recommend anyone who will be around kids under 2 to not come.

Caden and I had a pretty good night last night. He didn't go to sleep until 10, which he usually goes to bed around 8:30, but he slept until 6 AM. That's pretty good for a sick little guy. Mommy wouldn't let any of the techs mess with him and wake him up to take his temp and blood pressure.

We asked Dr. Martin about how long he thought we would be here and he said to keep our fingers crossed for Friday! So, we might be spending thanksgiving at Tallahassee Memorial...so anyone who wants to drop off their thanksgiving leftovers for us, we would appreciate it :)

I can't get pictures uploaded from the hospital, but here is a mental picture...he is in a little hospital gown with tigers all over it that says "tired little tiger", he has oxygen taped to his cheeks and in his nose, has an IV port in one of his arms that has a little splint on it so he can't bend it...poor baby...

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