Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 6 - still here

We are still here...Caden was off of oxygen for a good part of the day, so we were hopeful that he could stay off of it and possibly be released tomorrow...but, just about 30 minutes ago they came in and had to turn it back on because his levels were dropping...So here is hoping for Monday.

He was very playful today and still in a good mood. He is taking his steroids and antibiotics by mouth like a champ! And he was actually good during his breathing treatment and flirting with the respiratory therapist.

I, however, am continuing to get Nana (my mom) is on her way to help out so that Grammy can have a break. Grammy is then going to come back on Friday when Nana leaves to continue to help us out while daddy goes out of town. Thank goodness for grandmas!

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Michelle said...

Hey Allison,

I saw today on your facebook that you are now home with Caden. I got to update myself today on what has been going on since he first went in the hospital when I read your original update. I keep you in my prayers.

Take care,