Friday, May 10, 2013

No more broken leg!

Ensley's leg healed up just fine!  She had the cast on for 3 weeks (give or take a few days when she crawled out of it).  They ran some tests, did a full body x-ray, and the only thing that came up was a vitamin D definiency...which apparently most of America has.  So, she takes a Vitamin D supplement now, but otherwise things are back to normal for her.  The doctor said that she may not put weight on it for a few days after getting the cast off...but she proved them wrong once again and was back cruising in no time.

What an poor baby and not to mention the looks and stares we got when we were out in public.  It's one thing if it was Caden who broke a bone...a rough and tough boy who wa to s probably playing, but this was the 9 month old baby.  I just wanted to wear a sign around on my forehead that said "I honestly have no idea how my baby broke her leg, but no one is abusing her".

All ready to get the cast off!

But before it came off, mommy's friend Andrea got Ensley her own stylish red velvet cast cover so that she could always be was an extra small, but I guess the company didn't take into account 9 month olds with broken legs :)
From 2013 iphone photos

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