Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Moon

So, a letter comes home from school that Caden is in a pre-school program at school.  It had a list of all the kids with their assigned parts and said that the parents usually make the kids costumes and to let them know if there was any problems with that.  So, I look at the roles...princess, butterflies, superman, a dog...and then there's Caden...Caden is the moon.  What the heck?!?  I'm thinking...why oh why couldn't my kid have been assigned a part in the program that you could buy a costume for.  I am not one of those moms who makes stuff!  I tried googling "child moon costume" and nothing...except for homemade ideas.  So, I motivated myself to take on the task....

Plan A...paper mache.  I bought a 36 inch balloon, sought guidance from my friend's sister, the art teacher, and spent about 3 hours doing it.  Next morning, the thing was not I panicked.

Then went to Plan B...fabric that resembled a moon stapled and ducktaped to foam board with a strap around his neck and waist.  I added the American flag to be funny.  The teachers loved it! 

Next time, I know to start with Plan B.  Plan C involved a hula hoop, so I'm glad we didn't end up there.  And I thought I had it bad...I really felt bad for the kid's parents who was "hot mayonnaise".

I later found out that the kids made up the entire script by just adding lines to the story after the teacher said "once upon a time".  Caden's class had a dog and batman that travelled through Alvin Space (no...not outerspace....Alvin Space!) and came across all kinds of friends in the process.  (the Hot Mayonnaise was another class' villain).
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From 2013_04_10

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