Sunday, February 24, 2013

First broken bone

Yes, you read that right...we have our first broken bone and suprisingly, it's not Caden! 

Our little Miss Ensley reached some milestones before this happened though...crawling at 7 months, pulling up on furniture around 7 1/2 months and was just starting to walk along the furniture at 8 1/2 months.  We thought she would be walking any day!

Then...Tuesday (two days before Valentine's Day), I was changing her diaper right before bed and she screamed bloody murder when I grabbed her ankles and grabbed the side of the changing table arching her back!  She also would not pull up...I thought, maybe she did something like twisted it strangely, so I put her to bed and she slept all night.  The next morning, same thing...just screaming!  So, we went to the pediatrician that afternoon and they sent us over to the radiology offices.  This was getting pretty late in the afternoon, so the radiologist said they would call our doctor in the morning and they should get back to us.

A few hours later...the on-call nurse from the pediatrician's office called us and said that Ensley had a broken tibia and that we needed to go to the ER to have it immobilized.  I could not believe it!!  I didn't even think a 9 month old could break a bone.  So, off to the ER...and then 6 hours later, we had a splint...and yes, you read that right, we waited there for 6 hours!
And she was awake pretty much the whole time. We got back home at 2am.
From February 24, 2013
The next morning, Ensley got her Valentine's present...a pink cast. And they told us she actually broke both bones in the lower right leg - the tibia and the fibula. Since we have no idea how this happened, they are running some tests to see if she is Vitamin D or calcium deficient.
From February 24, 2013
She was still pretty happy considering...and it didn't prevent her from getting around.
From February 24, 2013
Sweet brother...
From February 24, 2013
Then, two days later, our little Houdini got out of her cast somehow...didn't think that one was possible either. So, off to urgent care to get it splinted again since it's a Saturday and the orthopedic doctor's office is closed.
From February 24, 2013
And the second cast...
From February 24, 2013
So far, this one has stayed on for a week. We go this Tuesday to see if it can come off! So, let's pray! It's not easy caring for a baby with a full leg cast on. I even went and got a new baby carrier, so I could carry her around without breaking my back!

And note, that Ensley has had her first surgery (ear tubes) and broken bone all before she has her first tooth...poor baby.

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