Monday, May 23, 2011

Random bits...

Some other random bits of our life...

We took Caden to the Tallahassee Museum (we call it the zoo) to see the animals. He kept telling us all day "Mommy/Daddy, I see animals!"

Much to daddy's dismay, he really liked the snakes (daddy HATES snakes).

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The Birds of Prey.

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Caden has been wanting to pick out his own clothes and even takes his shirt off if it's not the one he wants to wear. And then sometimes his outfits are full of imagination...

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We started swimming lessons with Miss Erin! And let me tell you, I am truly amazed at what Miss Erin gets him to do. He goes under water and kicks his feet to get to the wall. He floats on his back while they sing "one, two buckle my shoe...". She taught him how to splash with his toes (kick across the pool) and he even jumped in the deep end last lesson!

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And then lastly, we have some big news on the potty training adventure!

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Hey, it only happened once, but it gave me hope that I wouldn't be sending him to kindergarten in diapers. I was so excited that I gave him a handful of M & Ms, which has now backfired on me. Now, he gets up out of his bed and tells me he needs to poop and just sits on the toilet and expects M & Ms...ahhh, one day, we'll be there!

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