Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Caden's first baseball game!

We took Caden to his first baseball game this week to cheer on FSU. We were also lucky enough to sit in a dugout suite, which was perfect for a two year old. It was outside, but sectioned off, so it was sort of like a big playpen! And Caden enjoyed the hamburgers and potato chips in the suite. Here are some pictures from the game...Watching the game intently with Daddy.
Caden with his new friend, Matt (mommy's friend), our friendly Seminole Booster CFO...

Always on the go at almost two years old...

Also, an update on his health...when we took him back to the doctor last week for his pneumonia re-check, his pediatrician thought it was time to start doing some tests to see why he seems to catch every respiratory virus and then those viruses seem to hang around longer than normal. So, he is doing tests for cystic fibrosis, immune deficiencies, and allergies. We had the cystic fibrosis test today, which had both mommy and daddy pretty worried, and it came back normal! We were thrilled with the great news. So, now we are going to have blood drawn and tested starting next week to see if there is any immune deficiencies going on, and then on to the allergist. His pediatrician is almost positive that it is allergies and asthma, but wants to turn over every rock and stone to make sure he is correct. He's also hoping that if it is asthma that Caden will grow out of it. So everyone please keep us in your prayers as we go through all of these tests! We are so blessed to have this little boy in our life and we just want him to be happy and healthy!

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