Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Party, Party

Man, have we been on the party circuit this year...we just can't help it if we're popular :). We went to Gavin Rudd's 4th birthday party at Chuckie Cheese...I don't know...who do you think had more fun - Caden or DADDY?
This was his favorite...I foresee many trips to Chuckie Cheese in our future...despite my protest since all I can think about is germs while I'm there...I know, I know, I need to get over it.
After Gavin's party, we headed over to Mariana for a quick lunch with Grammy and Pops...they decided to let Caden drive...
I just love this face...both the one he is making and just his cute little face in general...

Grammy and Pops gave him his Easter present while we there (it was April 19th). It was a larger than life bunny. He took to it right away...After we got home with his bunny, we had some periods of silence and I looked over to find Caden just laying on top of his bunny on the floor...unfortunately every time I went to get the camera, the little booger moved, so I never got a picture of it...but here is bargaining with Riley by giving him his duck, which Riley steals all of the time so that Riley stops trying to play with the bunny.

Then two weekend ago, we headed over to the Garbers for a little get together. Mimi, Grammy, Uncle Todd, Aunt Carly, Brody and Wade were all in town. Elizabeth had freezer pops for all the kiddos...do you think Caden liked his????
The bounce house...
Wagon rides with his girlfriend, Anniston...he already likes them young :)

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