Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter...and only a week and half late

Hoppy Easter...well, okay, that's a little late, but here is the blog update on our Easter...

I took Caden to see the Easter bunny...well that didn't go well. I had high hopes that we would get a good picture in his super cute Easter outfit, but he wasn't having it. He looked at me like I was crazy for leaving him in this strange being's lap and promptly tried to buck his way out of that lap...

It's so nice to have friends in town that treat you like family! Caden and I had a few invitations for Easter Sunday (daddy was out of town for a bachelor party...), and we took our friend Cindy up on her offer and went over to celebrate Easter at her mother-in-laws house. We had a good time...actually Caden had a blast playing with all of the dogs and getting a ride on Miss Kathy's tractor! Unfortunately, I was so worried about him breaking something and chasing him that I didn't get any pictures....aahhh, the terrible twos!

Daddy got home Easter Sunday evening, so mommy hid Caden's Easter Bunny presents until Daddy got home to see him open it up. I'm not sure that will work for much longer, so daddy better stay in town next time.

Somebody must have told the Easter Bunny that Caden needed a place to store all of his books because the Easter Bunny put all of his presents in this great storage bin instead of a basket!

The Easter Bunny brought him some sidewalk chalk shaped like Easter eggs...

But the highlight of his Easter Basket was the stacking cars...he LOVES to stack things even when they are not meant to these are great! Thanks, Easter Bunny.
Once our Easter festivities were over, poor Caden just wasn't into playing and had 102 degree fever. We took him to the doctor the next day and then to do chest x rays...and low and behold, Caden had pneumonia for the second time already in 2010. Ugh!

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