Saturday, January 26, 2013

No sleep for the weary and non-stop ear infections!

My poor sweet baby has had non-stop ear infections since the beginning of December! We did two rounds of oral antibiotics, 3 doses (shots in each leg for 3 days) of rocephin, and then another oral antibiotic...and you guessed it, we were referred to the ENT. So, poor baby got some tubes put in her ears to help keep these infections away! The other part of the title of this post is also true...she has not been sleeping at night and neither has mommy! And sometimes waking up Caden, too. In our new house, their rooms are connected by a bathroom. She was crying the other night and I heard several doors from caden's room to the bathroom, the other from the bathroom to Ensley's room, then from Ensley's room to the hallway, and then into our room telling me that the baby needed me. Sweet big brother checking on his baby... Ready for surgery
From iph 11413
Literally about an hour and a half later
From iph 11413
Daddy was out of town, so we are beyond thankful for our friend, Tara...we had to be at the surgery center at 7:15 and Caden's school doesn't open until 7:30, so I dropped Caden off at Tara's on the way to the surgery center and she took him to school. She has two bigger dogs, so he was excited to be able to play with them for a few minutes.  Then, when I picked him up, he asked me why Tara wasn't picking him up and told me that he wanted to go to her house...way to make me feel loved, Caden :).

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