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August was VERY busy!

Sadly, mommy had to go back to work August 1st and Ensley went to in-home daycare.  The first day of drop-offs was a little rough.  I took Ensley first and Caden asked where she was we now affectionately call daycare, "baby school".  Caden liked the idea that he goes to big boy school and Ensley goes to baby school.

Second week back at work and I had to go to a conference in Orlando.  I would have passed, but I was the conference chairperson, so I had to give the opening remarks, moderate some sessions, etc.  Luckily, Nana (my mom) was able to drive to Orlando and watched Ensley during the day while I attended the conference.  Apparently, Nana decided to have a photo shoot with Ensley while Mommy was working because this is what I found on my camera when I got back...

From 2012_08_08
From 2012_08_08
A pic with mommy's friend April from Virginia...

From 2012_08_08
Everything was great...until the way home.  2 miles from the Tallahassee exit, traffic came to a dead stop.  It took me 3 hours to go 2 miles all the while with a 13 week old baby.  I thought I was going to lose it!  And did a little bit...Figured out once we got home that a tractor trailer carrying cows overturned on I-10 and the jaws of life had to be used to get some of the cows out.  Temporary fences had to be set up on the interstate to hold the cows.  REALLY?!?

The next week after our Orlando trip, Caden had his first day of big boy school!  When did my little boy become a big boy?!?  He wears uniforms everyday and takes a backpack.  We chose to put him in a religious private school since they have smaller class sizes and we liked that they go to chapel every week.  He has to be at school by 8:15 or he is considered tardy, which is a big change for us since with daycare, you get there when you get there.  So, needless to say, our morning routine starts a little earlier now.

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Then a few days later, Ensley and I headed to Charleston for her third appointment with the Dr. for her hemangioma.  We opted not to do a laser treatment this time as the hemangioma had grown in volume.  The laser primarily helps to break it up on the surface but doesn't do much once the hemangioma grows in depth.  So, we made the decision to start the oral medication, which should start to break it up.  Since the dr. is in Charleston, he is going to work with our pediatrician to monitor her on the medication.

Charleston was a quick trip...we headed out Wednesday evening, spent the night with great grandmother in Macclenney. Spent Thursday night in Charleston and then drove back home on Friday.

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The following Monday, I had another work trip to Chicago.  Again, I would have passed, but this was the concluding session of a leadership program, which usually takes place in May and they waited on me to have the baby so that I could attend, so I felt obligated...This was the first time leaving Ensley over night.  I was very nervous!  I definitely didn't leave Caden overnight this early!  This time, Grammie came over to help daddy with both kids.  Everyone survived!  I was probably the one that had the worst experience involving cancelled flights, lost luggage, midnight trips to walgreens, I could go on...

In between all of the travelling, Caden still loves "his baby"...and loves to hold her.

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From 2012_08_18
Ensley turned three months old! She started rolling over belly to back at 11 weeks and back to belly at 13 weeks.  And she is just laughing up a storm!
From 2012_08_18
From 2012_08_18
We made several trips to the park to feed the turtles (we have a great park on a lake near our house)...
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