Monday, March 12, 2012

Monster Trucks

So, the story begins...Daddy decides that monster trucks is going to be a boys night with his friend and his son. Mommy had her feelings a little hurt because I love to see how excited Caden gets when we take him to these things. Mommy got over it and made it a movie night with a friend. However, mommy was still a little nervous and packed a bag for daddy to go including an extra set of clothing in case of a potty accident, ear plugs, kleenexes, snacks, and the camera.

Well, I was in the movie for maybe 45 minutes and the text came through that they had to leave...apparently Caden got scared when the monster trucks started racing and daddy could not settle him down. I got home and Caden told me that the monster trucks were too "woud" (we're working on the "l" sound, so loud is woud right now). He told me "mommy, I so scared."'

Then, I asked the question, did the camera actually get used? Well, yes it did, but this is what I got...

From Collages

Yes, there were pictures...but only of monster trucks and not actual people. Oh well, at least the camera got used!

I did get a few cell phone pictures that had them in it, though...

From droid pictures

A few from the day before...the monster trucks were at different locations around town, so daddy picked up Caden a little early from school and took him to see them. First picture not so bad...

From droid pictures

2nd picture...terrified.

From droid pictures

Moral of the story...daddy will probably invite mommy along next time :).

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