Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Fun with Friends

We got up one morning and we were eating breakfast. I started to read the paper and when I got up from the table...this is what I saw...

From Collages

And yes, in case you were wondering, he likes to pick out his own outfits these matter if they still fit or not (that's a 12 month old hat).

Then one night we headed over the Gardners to hang out and burn stuff (xmas trees, wood, whatever the men could find)...and this is when Caden fell in love with.................Wagons.

Here he is with Swayze...both Scott and I and Swayze's parents took turns taken them around and around and around.

From 2011_01_29

From 2011_01_29

From 2011_01_29

It was fun...too bad I didn't get pictures of all of the kiddos. I remembered I had my camera with me near the end of the night. They were all playing so well with each other!

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