Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Caden lowers his voice and talks like a "monster" when he talks about MONSTER you have to imagine that when you are reading the title of this blog post.

We took Caden to see his first Monster Truck show and boy did he love it!

Mesmorized even before the show started...

From 2011_02_04


From 2011_02_04

From 2011_02_04

From 2011_02_04

He was so excited during the show that he would start literally shaking with excitement and then would pump his fist in the air when they would jump over the cars and say "Shooooom, shooooom!". Scott and I were just cracking up at him.

To say that he has been obsessed with Monster Trucks since we took him would be an understatement...We found a few videos on our ipad to show him of the monster trucks, but they didn't last long and I had to go out frantically trying to find a longer monster truck video, which apparently is not a popular movie :).

There is something ingrained in little boys that makes them love all trucks!

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