Monday, September 20, 2010

Shirlene Jones

In the words of my mother...Shirlene came into our lives 37 years ago when Jennifer was just 1 and she worked for our family for 17 years. She was a sweet, kind, and gentle person. She became one of our family in no time at all. She played Monopoly, Go Fish, built towers out of blocks, cars out of lego, pitched baseballs, dressed baby dolls, had tea parties and most importantly taught many lessons about life everyday that she was with us.

She called us her second family. There are not too many of my childhood memories that do not have Shirlene in them. She is part of the person that I am today.

Shirlene passed away last Friday from lung cancer. She will be dearly missed by all of us. Thank you Shirlene for all of the love you gave us and I hope that we meant as much to you as you meant to us.

I'm so glad that you got to meet your "grandchild", Caden before you left this world...I only wish we could have visited more often.

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