Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Caden was sooo busy halloween weekend...he had two parties to go to complete with two costumes!
Here is our cute little pumpkin...ready for the first party!Now, here is our hunka, hunka burnin' love Elvis ready for party #2 of the weekend...Notice in these pictures, daddy did his hair to be crazy like a rock star...

And then, here is a quick pic that I haven't had time to post...Caden and I were at home...I was laying on the couch while he was playing, and suddenly, I look over and he has climbed to the top of his "mountain" of toys and was just sitting there like the King of his mountain...Too funny.

Favorite word right now = Uh-Oh. He says it all the time! Even when there is no uh-oh...

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