Saturday, October 8, 2011

Miscellaneous and Medical Update

We took a quick trip with the Milgroms one Saturday to the Florida Museum...

Most of it made me nervous because I thought Caden was going to break some priceless artifact, so not a lot of pictures, but I managed to get at least one of him on the old steamboat.

From 2011_08_05

And an update on all of our medical visits...we have been to Shands twice now to see the pediatric pulmonologist. Not much to report except that they have performed quite a few tests to try to see why our little guy gets pneumonia so easily. We had a sleep study performed...excuse the picture quality, it was taken with Scott's phone.

From droid pictures

From droid pictures

No definitive results really from the sleep study except that he does not have sleep apnea, which if he did, could contribute to all of his pneumonia.

Then we had a bronchoscopy. Here'a picture after he was getting out of anesthesia.

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The doctors said that they did not see anything abnormal, but did take a culture from his lungs, which we haven't gotten back yet.

So, for now, we do two breathing treatments a day everyday to hopefully keep our little guy from getting more pneumonia.

From 2011_08_07

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