Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Halloween

I was always knew that my knight in shining armor would show up one day...oh wait, he did about 6 years ago, and we got married, and had the cutest kid in the world! But here's my new one...

Caden had a party at his school for halloween. All of the kiddies paraded out in their costumes and then they had activities like making caramel apples, painting pumpkin plates, etc. They were all so cute.

We also headed over to celebrate Cole Garber's 3rd birthday and the biggest task...trying to line up all of the kids to take a group picture. Note that Caden is standing away from everyone...I told him not to move, and he didn't...good boy!

Also, Caden had never really had candy before Halloween and now he will mow you down to get to some M&Ms. I guess I need to keep a bag around the house for bribery. He loved skittles, too...

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