Sunday, August 23, 2009

Video - Caden Reading

He stopped as soon as he saw the camera, but I got a little on tape anyways...he gets a little bit of camera shock.

Not a whole lot of other excitement here this weekend, so no pictures. Although, I should have taken a picture of when he pulled his diaper off and peeed on the floor, but I guess I was too busy laughing...

Other new things - he's become a VERY picky eater and will almost eat nothing at lunch and dinner if there isn't anything on his tray he likes, which we give him 4 or 5 choices now. We did some yardwork on Saturday and I thought it would be nice to set up his baby pool and he could hang out in that while we worked...Caden had other plans. Apparently, he HATES baby pools, but loves regular pools. Go figure...His little personality/temper is showing more and more everyday. The personality part is great. He laughs at a lot of things, loves to run to people when they are squatting down to give them a hug, gives high fives, and loves to line up his toys...that's where his little temper comes into play, because if he can't get a toy to stand up the way he wants it, he gets very upset. I just can't believe what a little boy he is now! It seems like he just learned to crawl the other day...He continues to amaze us every day. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives.

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