Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay, no Caden updates...well, almost...forgot to mention in my last post that Caden is still not crawling, but we're not sure if he will. He has, however, learned how to pivot himself on his stomach kind of like a breakdancer to get to the toys he wants. "Why should I crawl when everyone moves me to the toys that I want"...Ugh.

Well a few days ago, I stumbled across this article online which led me to this blog on this adorable little girl that is almost 1 month older than Caden...Madelyn. So, I had to share. Madelyn's mom died 27 hours after she was born from an undetected blood clot, so this man, Matt, is raising his 10 month old daughter alone and is around my age. AMAZING! It made me tear up, so I'm just warning you guys... www.mattlogelin.com . Their story just moved me to tears and laughter at some of his posts talking about how he had no idea of how to dress a little girl, but he's learning. He will also be on the Rachael Ray show tomorrow sharing his story. They have also started a foundation in his wife's name to help out young widows and widowers trying to raise young children.

Definitely made me realize how fortunate Scott and I have been to have both seen Caden grow into this cute little boy over the past 9 months. I am still getting teared up as I type this thinking of this poor woman, Liz Logelin, who didn't get the chance to see her little girl grow up and reach all of these developmental milestones that I continue to get amazed over each day. However, as I know now, she loved that little girl more than anything and would have wanted her husband to move on and raise Madelyn in a happy, loving environment, which he is doing an awesome job at! He goes on plane rides all of the time with this 10 month old, which I am still not brave enough to do with Caden!

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