Thursday, October 9, 2008

Better and Better Everyday

Motherhood gets better and better everyday...

I always seem to be the one taking the pictures so I decided to take some of me and my favorite boy.

I just love a boy in overalls, so I just had to take a back view picture of him in his cute little overalls.

So funny, he was trying to hold his bottle a few weeks ago and now he has started to put both of his hands over the bottle clasped on his's hard to describe, but it's so cute and funny that I had to take a picture of it.

Daddy was in Chicago and when he came back, he couldn't get enough of his Caden that day...the next morning, they were all snuggled up in bed together while I was getting ready.

Caden is trying his hardest to sit up by himself and he is almost there. He grabs onto our fingers and pulls himself up to sit and then to stand. He is very wobbly standing but still so strong! He can sit up in his boppy as you can see, but sometimes he falls and then rolls over...And yes, his shirt says Fun to be Me - because it is!

It's so funny, because he takes all of his might to roll over and then is mad because he's on his stomach...maybe one day he'll start putting it all together.

He is really enjoying his cereal. He gets one serving in the evening when mommy and daddy are eating. He eats it so fast and gets it all over his, we have no choice but to get a bath every night.

He is also trying to talk more and more and screams! Once we figure out how to post videos, we'll have to post some of that, too.
More updates soon on the life and times of Caden!

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Nana Andie said...

Allie...The pictures of Caden and you snuggling are WONDERFUL...even if you did take them yourself !! I would love copies ! Love to ALL...MOM/NANA/ANDIE